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Image by Annie Spratt


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For more than a decade now I am frequently asked whether it is politically and socially correct to advocate the consumption of meat and the keeping of cattle, pigs and poultry? My answer is more convinced than ever - of course it is!


Meat is a part of our culture and a significant part of a healthy and balanced diet. Meat from healthy animals without the addition of antibiotics or hormones is far superior to artificially produced meat and much healthier for nature, the environment and consumers.


A problem we face today, which is uncomfortable for many to articulate, is meat from rare and specific breeds reared respectfully employing good husbandry has become a luxury product.


Meat at the cheapest possible price does not serve cattle, producers or consumers well; the motto can only be quality before quantity.


As an example, should the number of beef cattle be reduced by more than 10%, the CO and Co2 emissions would be reduced significantly, alongside our reliance on mass-produced meat; this reduction will positively impact our climate goals whilst providing a quality product for all consumers and a fair price for producers.


Can you imagine a world without farm animals? - whether beef or dairy breeds, pigs or poultry – animal husbandry has been part of our culture for millennia and now is not the time to question the raison d'être of farm animals, rather, our raison d’être; do we want quality or quantity and can our planet’s delicate eco system sustain intensive, hormone fuelled mass produced meat?

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