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What distinguishes good meat
               from our point of view?

For most consumers, meat is a product that is not very transparent and not self-explanatory. As a layperson, you can't tell from just the look of the meat whether it is good or not, and whether the animal it came from had a good life or not. Is it a cow, heifer an ox or even a steer? None of that matters, you think, but it does and these factors make all the difference. Our experience has shown that even specialist staff in selected butcher's shops are often not sufficiently informed when it comes to detailed questions about breed, sex, aging, feeding etc. How are you as a consumer supposed to know this?

For this reason, we have compiled some criteria for you to recognise good meat.
For us, the following 7 main criteria make the difference between any meat and excellent meat.

I. Breed
There are cattle breeds that have been specially bred over centuries to become what they are today - top quality meat cattle. These breeds primarily include Angus, Hereford and Wagyu cattle. In addition, there are regional breeds such as Charolais, Limousin, Salers, Chianina, Fassona, Simmentaler, Pinzgauer, Galloway, Dexter, Aubrac, English Longhorn, Barrosa, Cachena, etc. that make a fantastic product.